scale1 [ skeıl ] noun ***
▸ 1 size/degree/level/rate
▸ 2 arranged set
▸ 3 relationship of distance
▸ 4 for weighing
▸ 5 series of musical notes
▸ 6 hard flat piece of skin
▸ 7 substance on pipes
1. ) singular or uncount the size of something, especially when it is big:
scale of: Is the Government aware of the full scale of the problem?
on a large/small/grand/massive etc. scale: This is sculpture on a grand scale.
a ) the rate at which something is produced, developed, etc.:
scale of: The scale of production in the factory has increased this year.
2. ) usually singular a set of people or things arranged in order from the highest level to the lowest or from the lowest level to the highest:
The rich are at the top of the social scale.
At the other end of the scale are worms and the tiny sea creatures.
a ) a range of measurements in a particular system:
the Celsius scale of temperature
on a scale of 1 to 10: Rate these movies on a scale of 1 to 10.
b ) a list showing the amount of money that someone should be paid for a particular job, according to their qualifications, experience, etc.:
Our scale of fees is shown on the next page.
Expenses will be paid in accordance with the agreed scale.
salary/pay/fee scale: The salary scale is $22,086 to $32,311.
union scale (=the rate agreed by the employers and the workers' union for a job): We're required to pay union scale to everyone who works on-site.
c ) a set of marks, usually lines and numbers, on a piece of equipment or a drawing used for measuring something:
the vertical scale on the graph
3. ) count or uncount the relationship between the actual distance or size of something and how it is shown on a map or in a drawing or model:
This map has a scale of 1:20,000.
a scale of a half-inch to the mile
a ) a scale model/drawing etc. a small copy of something larger in which each part is made smaller by the same amount so that the relation between them is the same as in the original thing:
a scale model of the Great Pyramid
b ) to scale with all the parts the right size in relation to each other:
Is the drawing of the bridge to scale?
4. ) count usually plural a piece of equipment used for weighing people or things:
He weighed himself on the bathroom scales.
a pair/set of scales
=> TIP 2
5. ) count a series of musical notes in a fixed order from the lowest to the highest or the highest to the lowest:
She was practicing scales on her new piano.
6. ) count usually plural one of the small hard flat pieces of skin on the body of a fish, snake, or similar animal
7. ) uncount a hard white substance that forms on the inside of water pipes and containers that are regularly used for heating water: LIMESCALE
the scales fell from my eyes MAINLY LITERARY
used for saying that you suddenly realized the truth about something
scale 2 [ skeıl ] verb transitive
1. ) to climb to or over the top of a high steep object such as a mountain or a wall:
Student protesters scaled an 8-foot fence to enter the Embassy grounds.
2. ) to remove scales from fish
a ) to remove scale from teeth
to achieve a high level of success in a particular activity:
The team scaled new heights with their World Series victory.
They never dreamed of scaling such dizzy heights.
,scale `back or ,scale `down phrasal verb transitive
to make something smaller in size, amount, etc. than it used to be:
The company is scaling back its plans for new stores.
They've scaled back their expenditure considerably.
a scaled-down peacekeeping force
,scale `up phrasal verb transitive
to make something larger in size, amount, etc. than it used to be:
An order this size means scaling up our production capacity.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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